About IPG

About IPG - International Publishing Group, LLC™ a Business Services, General News Media, Travel Publishing, & Disability Advocacy company serving the International Business and Travel Business communities.

About IPG

About IPG

International Publishing Group, LLC™

Disabled Veteran Owned Business


About IPG

International Publishing Group™ (IPG) is a Business Services, General News Media, Travel Publishing, & Disability Advocacy company serving the International Business and Travel Business communities.


Core Business Services

We’re Influencers and Klout recognized experts in all of our core business services.

Our core services include Publishing, Travel Writing, Copywriting, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Content Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Travel Safety & Security, Terrorism Information, and Accessibility on Land, Air and Sea.


*International Travel Reviews™ ITR, is Currently a Division of IPG

To begin with, ITR promotes tourism by providing a gold standard in timely, top-notch, world-class Travel Intelligence focusing on Sustainable Tourism for Economic, Social and Environmental Development. As well, we believe Tourism is a rising tide that lifts all boats, and if properly managed, benefits the entire world

IPG Supports the General Business and the Travel and Tourism business sectors by providing the core services they need to be successful. In addition, these services currently include four divisions of the company

1. Publishing
2. Business Services
3. International Travel Reviews
4. Accessibility


Our Projected Growth

Firstly, we are delighted to let you in on some exciting changes in the works for all of our divisions. Second, we are working behind the scenes to get several new divisions online. Third, all total, we expect to have a total of twelve domains, nine more than we have now. As well, each one will represent its own division of IPG. Finally, we are excited that this will provide us the revenue to hire more people. Of course, our focus remains on hiring those with special needs first.


To begin with, at present, International Travel Reviews™ includes The International Travel Herald™. However, The International Travel Herald™ will now operate under it its own domain as an independent division. Of course, International Travel Reviews™ will continue to provide travel reviews that include our own travel reviews, as well as reader/traveler submitted reviews.


Lastly, The International Travel Herald™ is the online travel magazine of IPG. Moreover, TITH currently has over 125 reader topics. In addition, writers for these topics are both staff and independent writers. So, we look forward to great growth and much excitement in the near future!


Overview Of Our Current Divisions

Publishing Division:

General News Media Outlet, Journalism, Content Publishing, Research, and Photography


Business Services Division:

Small Business Resources For:

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Business Management.


B2B, B2C & B2E, Content Creation, Content Curation, Web Content, Web Accessibility Reviews


Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Hospitality Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing


*International Travel Reviews™ Division

ITR provides general business services to the worldwide travel industry through Travel Publishing, Travel News, Travel Writing, Travel Reviews and Accessibility Reviews, with supporting photography. ITR also provides the core business services of IPG tourism businesses to maximize their success.

We do this worldwide through ITR by conducting Travel Reviews and Accessibility Reviews for tourism businesses. ITR also does Historic Site Reviews for private and government entities that promote tourism to historic sites, as well as heritage tourism evaluation and reviews.

ITR core business services provided in conjunction with the IPG Business Services Division. These include those same services IPG provides to the general business community, including those listed above. See IPG Business Services

Services to the Tourism Industry include:

Travel Publishing

Sustainable Tourism

Historic Site Reviews

Accessible Travel

Travel Intelligence


Accessibility Division:

We serve as Disability Advocates to provide research and information for Accessibility issues on Land, Air and Sea, as well as being an overall Information Resource for Disabilities and Handicap Issues in general.

We provide resources relating to those tourism attractions that are accessible, accessibility-friendly, and those who aren’t.


Our Projected New Divisions for Third Quarter 2018

Firstly, we are excited about the growth opportunities these new divisions provide. As well, these new division allow the company to more specifically focus on the needs of the traveling public, while allowing IPG to focus on the General Business arena.


Projected New Divisions as Domains

Currently, we plan to add the following new domains as divisions of the company.




First, growing a new company requires hard work and dedication. Second, we hope members of the special needs community will step up to join us in meeting these new challenges. Lastly, we will provide a more detailed overview of each new division at a later date.


*  Visit ITR at:

International Travel Reviews™ Division


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