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International Publishing Group, LLC™ is a publishing, general news media, travel publishing, business service provider, and Disability Advocate company serving the international business and travel community

IPG Supports general businesses and tourism businesses by providing the core services they need to be successful. Our core services include Publishing, Travel Writing, Copywriting, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Content Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Travel Safety & Security, Terrorism information, and Accessibility on Land, Air and Sea.

We are Influencers & Klout recognized experts in all our core business services

IPG supports business and tourism through 4 divisions

1. Publishing
2. Business services
3. International Travel Reviews™
4. Accessibility

* International Travel Reviews™ ITR, is now a division of IPG
ITR promotes #tourism by providing a gold standard in timely, top-notch, world-class #TravelIntelligence with a focus on #SustainableTourism for Economic, Social & Environmental Development. Tourism is a rising tide that lifts all boats & if properly managed benefits the entire world


*  The International Travel Reviews™ is now a division of IPG, but because of its extensive offerings, we have retained the domain as a separate website. Visit ITR at:

International Travel Reviews™ Division

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